I'm traveling abroad I want to go again

I'm traveling abroad I want to go again ""in Hong Kong. The most impressive thing in Hong Kong is cooking. Unfortunately I am a little experienced in traveling abroad, so I enjoyed the cuisine I had in Hong Kong, although it was one of the few experiences. Originally I like Chinese food, but I could enjoy full-fledged Chinese cuisine completely different from Chinese food to eat in Japan. When I traveled to Hong Kong before, ""Hong Kong Disneyland"" has not been opened yet, I would like to go there if there is a chance to go again. Besides, I'd like to go to ""Madame Tussauds Wax Museum"" in Victoria Peak. I recently learned about the existence of the wax figure museum, but since when was it? It seems that wax figures of Hong Kong's leading stars such as Jackie Chan and Teresa Ten and Hollywood stars such as Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe Brad Pitt and Ayumi Hamasaki's wax figures are displayed in Japanese. By the way, the main building of ""Madame Tussauds Wax Museum"" is said to be in London. New tourist attractions in Hong Kong are increasing more and more, do not you think?

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